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Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Scheme

Cut CO2, cut cost

The Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme is a mandatory emissions trading scheme for larger organisations. The aim of the scheme is to encourage companies to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.

Do you qualify?

If your business consumed over 6,000 MWh per annum on half hourly meters (HHM) during 2008 you are required to participate in the scheme. However, all organisations consuming via HHMs are required to register and, in some instances, disclose consumption data.

Managing your Carbon Reduction Commitment obligations

Qualifying companies must accurately report their energy data for each ‘footprint’ year and buy CO2 allowances to offset their carbon emissions.

We offer specialist advice and support to organisations which are subject to CRC legislation. As well as helping you comply with the regulations, we help you reduce cost through improving energy efficiency.

Our service includes:

  • managing registration to the scheme
  • measuring and recording energy use
  • calculating your annual carbon emissions (excluding transport emissions)
  • providing annual energy data to the CRC Scheme Administrator
  • submitting an annual report on the emissions
  • buying allowances corresponding to the required emissions
  • trading allowances if you have too many or too few.
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