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Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd

$580k awarded to Tokamak Energy to Tackle Fusion Challenges

Tokamak Energy has received grants and funding from UK and US Governments to accelerate the development of commercial fusion power.

At the beginning of September, Tokamak Energy, a business working to develop commercial fusion power, received a £10 million grant from the UK Government to help speed up their investment in new fusion technologies.

Now, just one week later, the US Department of Energy has awarded Tokamak $580,000 (£440,000) to tackle some of the challenges they could face throughout their development. This funding was bestowed to the company under the US’s Innovation Network for Fusion Energy program (INFUSE) and will help to fund the use of a spherical tokamak reactor to produce powerful, efficient, and cost-effective fusion.

Dr David Kingham, Executive Vice Chairman of Tokamak Energy, said: “Fusion Energy is a game-changing energy source for the future, and we need it as soon as possible.”

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