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Undersea Electricity Link Becomes Fully Operational

An IFA2 interconnector between Hampshire and Normandy began to flow at full capacity at 11 am on 22nd January.

The UK, in collaboration with French power firm RTE, established a two-way interconnector across the channel as part of a £700million shared investment. The UK’s fourth power exchange with continental Europe involved laying 149 miles of cables undersea to import cheaper nuclear and renewable electricity across the channel.

According to the National Grid, the IFA2 interconnector has the capacity to power one million homes, delivering approximately 1.2% of Britain’s electricity requirements and potentially reducing wholesale electricity prices in Britain by as much as 2%.

Jon Butterworth, Managing Director of National Grid Ventures, said: “IFA2 is the latest feat of world-class engineering helping to transform and decarbonise the electricity systems of Britain and its European neighbours.”

According to OFGEM, this is just the first of 10 more interconnectors planned for the UK, which could potentially bring capacity to around 18GW by 2023.

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