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Energy Budgeting

Do you need help with energy budgeting?

We can help you understand your energy usage and costs, providing monthly analysis of energy consumption, and calculations of carbon emissions and charges across your sites. These figures and values can then be compared against tailored budgets to give you:

  • an accurate picture of how the business is performing
  • the reasons behind peaks and troughs which have occurred
  • predictions on future usages and costings.

This data is also valuable when regular energy data submissions are required by stakeholders, e.g. carbon emissions reporting, SECR. This provides peace of mind in knowing that the data is up-to-date, accurate and readily available for publishing.

Where do you use energy and how much does it cost?

We can provide monthly energy reports which break down your company’s energy consumption, helping you understand where the main energy-intensive elements are and the costs behind your gas and electricity consumption.

Does your business understand its energy usage and the variables which affect this?

Analysis of energy data can pin-point consumption anomalies or regular peaks and troughs which may be occurring. This can help you understand how you are using energy – if we can identify the reasons behind increases this can inform action to avoid such costs in future.

Can you predict how much energy will be costing in the short and long-term future?

By understanding your company’s energy consumption and the reasons behind its trends, we can help forecast future usage and accurately estimate the charges. This allows you to budget for the long-term and keep control of both energy consumption and costs. This service is particularly effective when combined with our energy efficiency consultancy.

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