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Green Business Energy

Power your business with green energy

Reducing carbon emissions is now appearing at the forefront of every business’s strategy and purchasing energy via a green or renewable energy contract will help provide a big step towards achieving Net Zero Targets. Most suppliers now offer green gas and electricity contracts. There are lots of benefits including:

  • reduce carbon impact or become carbon neutral
  • improve your reputation
  • meet stakeholder requirements.

Switching to green electricity

A green electricity contract will mean your supply is from a renewable energy source such as biomass, wind, solar and tidal.

Switching to green gas

Green gas is from sources with “carbon neutral” properties including:

  • Biomethane – this is methane gas which is created naturally via either anaerobic digestion of organic materials, such as grass, landfill, or agricultural waste. Carbon is deemed to have been absorbed from the atmosphere during the life of the organic matter, therefore when it is burned there is no new excess carbon being emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Carbon-Capture-Storage (CCS) – where the equivalent value of carbon in the supplied gas is either captured from the atmosphere and stored, either naturally – such as planting of new trees to absorb CO2 form the atmosphere, or via technological processes and stored underground in depleted gas & oil fields or saline aquifer formations.

Is green business energy expensive?

The general perception is that green energy contracts are too expensive for most businesses to consider.  However, this may no longer be the case with the significant increases to renewable investment and infrastructure helping to bring down the costs.

Most green electricity contracts are only slightly more expensive than ‘brown contracts’, while the difference between green and regular gas contracts can be as little as a third.

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