Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd
Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd


Industry Food manufacturing

Service Energy efficiency and Climate Change Agreement

Result £150k annual energy savings, £16k CCA savings

About Zorba Delicacies

Zorba Delicacies is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of chilled fresh dips and deli sandwich fillings, supplying retailers, wholesalers, foodservice and industry with a wide range of products.

The Project Brief

Zorba Delicacies asked us to manage various aspects of their energy provision, including purchasing energy for their state-of-the-art factory in South Wales, and managing their Climate Change Levy obligations.

Importantly, we have delivered a Mentoring Programme, supported by the Carbon Trust, which promotes the issue of energy efficiency among all staff.  The result has been a greater level of awareness leading to consistent changes in behaviour to reduce energy consumption on a day-to-day basis.

Key programmes have included:

  • Management of energy purchasing – obtaining the best price for utilities and ongoing analysis of cost against production
  • Implementation of a number of energy-saving measures, including reduction of heat loss and installation of timer controls on steam boilers
  • Delivery of a Mentoring Programme to ensure energy remains high on the agenda of all staff
  • Monitoring and submission of reports to ensure compliance with Climate Change Agreement (CCA) legislation
  • Implementation of a number of initiatives to help reduce energy consumption in line with CCL targets
  • Manage parent company’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) requirements.

Chris Nash, Managing Director, says:

Innovative Energy understands our needs and the idiosyncrasies of the food industry which means we can trust them to buy our energy and simply let them get on with doing a great job in ensuring that our energy consumption is minimised.

They have been particularly effective in getting the buy-in of shop-floor staff, visiting on a monthly basis to inspect the site and talk to people about the difference they can make.  They produce a monthly energy performance pack and this really crystallises the issue in people’s minds.

Some of IEC’s solutions have been very simple and inexpensive to implement.  For example, the installation of a door alarm means that staff are now less likely to waste heating by leaving  it open and timing devices on boilers and refrigerators also makes a big difference.

As external consultants they look at what we do with a fresh set of eyes, helping us achieve a greater degree of energy efficiency than if we were managing energy ourselves.