Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd
Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd

Month: October 2021

UK Coal Power Plant Fired Up as Gas Prices Soar

As a result of depletions in gas storage and supply, the UK’s National Grid ESO fired up an old coal power plant in early September to meet the country’s electricity needs. The rise in gas prices coupled with unusually warm weather for this time of year has meant that...

How Will Energy Supply Issues Impact Your Business?

Wholesale gas prices have surged by 250% since the beginning of the year, disrupting the country’s supply chains and driving prices significantly upwards marketwide. But how will this impact your business’ energy consumption? And how can you protect yourself from upcoming surges? Gas prices have skyrocketed over recent weeks,...

October Markets Update

Gas Despite gas storage reaching average levels last month, gas market prices continued to skyrocket throughout September, causing various energy providers to go bust and triggering a range of supply chain issues across the country. The same issues that have plagued the country throughout the year continue to pressurise...
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