Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd
Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd

Month: March 2014

Are you eligible for a tax rebate on your energy bill?

The Climate Change Agreement Scheme allows eligible businesses to claim a rebate on the tax element of their energy bills.  If you are not currently in the scheme it’s worth checking to find out whether you are eligible as significant savings can be achieved. If you are already in...

EU lines up for tougher energy targets

The European Parliament is calling for member states to meet an energy efficiency target of 40%, to be implemented through legally-binding national targets. The Parliament has also supported an EU-wide renewable energy target of 30% for 2030 and the European Commission’s drive towards a 40% decarbonisation reduction. IEC MD...

Employee engagement key to reducing energy use

New research from the Sustainable Business Trends Tracker shows tha tstaff engagement and financial support are the two biggest barriers to energy efficiency. “This finding supports our view that energy efficiency is an organisaiton-wide issue,” says IEC MD Mike Jones. “Worthwhile energy reduction and the ensuing financial benefit can...
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