Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd
Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd

Month: May 2017

Gas and power market update

Gas market trends What’s Been Happening? The majority of seasonal gas contracts decreased during April, falling 0.4% on average Seasonal gas prices remained higher than their levels last year Winter 17 gas declined 0.6% to 46.5p/th, compared to 36.1p/th in April 2016 Summer 18 gas fell 0.2% to 40.3p/th,...

National Grid highlights need for power system flex

National Grid, the system operator of the GB power system, has produced its forecast of the challenges that it will confront over the summer in ensuring security of energy supplies. National Grid has particularly highlighted that a greater amount of flexibility in both power generation and demand will be...

Falls in near-term gas and power markets

During April, prices continued to fall in the gas and power markets, with all gas contracts lowering and the majority of power contracts following downwards. In contrast, Brent crude oil and API 2 coal prices increased. In April, day-ahead gas slipped 2.8% to 39.9p/th, the lowest monthly average in...
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