Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd
Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd

Month: May 2023

Gas & Electricity Markets Update April 2023

Early April saw gas prices continue on a bullish trend with cold weather anticipated in the UK and Europe and temperatures below seasonal norms. Langeled flows were nominating at capacity at the beginning of the month and an increase in planned Norwegian maintenance saw supply margins tighten further. Temperatures...

Annual climate reparations cost – $209bn, says report

The world’s top fossil fuel companies owe at least $209bn in annual climate reparations, according to a report published in the journal One Earth and reported by The Guardian. Twenty-one companies, including BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total are among the largest companies included in the research. It is the first...

Support urged for energy storage

There are calls to increase support for long duration energy storage technologies after it was revealed that energy bills were burdened with an additional £500m in 2021 as the National Grid incurred fees to compensate wind farms for shutting down. A report by Energy Live News said this amount...
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