Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd
Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd

Month: September 2020

Ofgem Pressured to Revise Crackdown on UK Energy Networks

The British regulator Ofgem has planned to ‘slash earnings’ for companies that own the country’s energy networks. Ofgem’s plans, proposed in July, will set the baseline rate of return on equity at 3.95 per cent for five years starting in April 2021. This is a dramatic decline from the...

$580k awarded to Tokamak Energy to Tackle Fusion Challenges

Tokamak Energy has received grants and funding from UK and US Governments to accelerate the development of commercial fusion power. At the beginning of September, Tokamak Energy, a business working to develop commercial fusion power, received a £10 million grant from the UK Government to help speed up their...

September Markets Update

Gas Market close data on 28th August revealed that the one-year forward price for commercial gas closed at 36.35ppt. The rise in gas-fired power demand that was witnessed at the beginning of August, has continued into September, offering support to the near curve. Power The one-year forward price for...
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