Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd
Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd

Month: May 2018

Gas and power markets update

Gas market trends What’s been happening? In contrast to all other contracts, day-ahead gas prices fell 17.8% to average 51.0p/th The month-ahead (May) gas contract climbed 7.7% to average 49.7p/th. May 18 gas reached its highest price since February 2017 in the middle of April, hitting 52.2p/th Bullish growth...

Network flexibility to provide new opportunities for business

Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), the companies that own the local wires and pylons that flow power to the majority of homes and businesses, are starting to trial a new suite of services to help them more actively manage their networks. These services, driven by a greater penetration of renewables...

Power prices hit fresh highs on commodities upsurge

The majority of power and gas contracts along the forward curve rose in April, with some reaching multi-year highs. Prices were broadly supported by a bullish commodity market which posted fresh highs for oil and carbon. Gas on the day-ahead market was an exception, dropping 17.8% to average 51.0p/th,...
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