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April Markets Update

Renewables records have been broken once again, thanks to a windy start to 2020.

According to EnAppSys, renewables generated 35.4TWh of power in the first quarter of 2020 which is 44% of total UK generation. This comes amid news that global carbon emissions from the fossil fuel industry could fall by a record 2.5bn tonnes this year as a result of Coronavirus.


Day-ahead gas currently stands at 16.30ppt whilst year-ahead is 33.10ppt. The May-20 contract is at 17.36ppt whilst Q3 is at 20.87ppt.


Gas price April 2020


Power consumption softened across much of Europe during March in response to the spread of Coronavirus whilst colder weather and less stringent measures upheld demand in some countries.
Day-ahead power currently stands at £26.6/MWh whilst year-ahead is at £40.23/MWh. Month-ahead (May 20) is at £27.35/MWh whilst the Q3 price stands at £31.10/MWh


electricity prices April 2020


The coal price currently stands at $55.87/tn.


Brent oil price currently stands at $35.9/bbl

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