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British ‘least concerned’ about climate change

Britons are among the least concerned people in Europe about the threat of climate change, according to a recent report by the European Commission. 

We are, however, among those most convinced that investing in greener measures like energy efficiency will boost economic growth.

An article in the October issue of Energy in Buildings & Industry stated: “In Britain, only 18% of the 1,342 people interviewed regarded climate change as one of the five most serious problems facing the country.  This was way below the attitudes expressed in Germany, Sweden and Denmark where it was ranked as ‘the most serious’ issue by 25%, 30% and 31% respectively.  Only in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic is climate change so little regarded as in the UK, the only country where concern about climate change has steadily diminished since 2009.”

According to the survey, people in the UK believe that ‘everybody’ should take responsibility for dealing with climate change, not just government or business.  71% of British respondents endorsed the view that behaving in a greener, more energy efficient way will boost the economy.

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