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Business energy trends you’ll see in 2015

The Carbon Trust has uncovered 5 key trends it believes will rise up the corporate sustainability ladder in 2015.  

  • Updating sustainability targets – because companies are now held responsible for their environmental impact the Carbon Trust says it’s likely that more will look update, expand or upgrade their targets.
  • Supply chain engagement – as well as improving their own performance, companies will continue to encourage their suppliers to become less wasteful of energy and resources.
  • Managing water risk – this will involve companies developing a better understanding of their use of water, and mitigating risk of water scarcity or pollution.
  • Exploring business model innovation – ‘there are enormous rewards on offer for the businesses or entrepreneurs that find a way to meet wants or needs in a more effective and efficient way’ says the Carbon Trust.
  • Greening consumer behaviour – businesses will increasingly use their influence to encourage consumers to reduce their environmental impact.

To read the full report, please visit the Carbon Trust website.

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