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Carbon Trust Launches New Standard

The Carbon Trust has launched a new Route to Net Zero Standard, a key driver in its mission to accelerate the move to a decarbonised future.

The organisation says that with over 1,000 companies worldwide setting science-based emission reduction targets*, the challenge now is creating and delivering the action plans to achieve success.

According to the Carbon Trust’s press release: “To achieve science-based targets, the Route to Net Zero Standard will support companies in the development and evolution of their action plans, helping to measure and manage their emissions, inform carbon reduction strategies, and align targets for the future. It is the only certification that recognises an organisation’s progress on their route to Net Zero, acknowledging that companies in different industries, geographical locations, and facing diverse challenges, may be at different stages.”

There are three tiers of certification:

1) Taking Action

2) Advancing and

3) Leading

Companies will receive tailored support to increase their climate ambition over time, and guidance on how to align to science-based targets and best practices. The Carbon Trust will also help organisations communicate their progress to stakeholders through marketing communication resources.

As part of the Carbon Trust’s long term digital investment strategy, the Route to Net Zero Standard will be the first service offering delivered through a new digital platform, to ensure the comprehensive assessment is seamless and engaging. The platform will evolve to support companies with carbon footprinting, target setting and value chain analysis.

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