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Clients make the most of market low

The cost of gas and electricity noticeably reduced in recent weeks in comparison to the market highs seen at the end of March.

This market reduction benefited many of our clients, allowing us to secure new energy contracts at more favourable rates. Many clients will realise significant savings over the next couple of years.

In several instances it’s been possible to secure reduced-price contracts up to 6 months ahead of the formal contract renewal date, allowing clients to make the most of the current lower prices.

This highlights the importance of monitoring the energy markets on and ongoing basis and not just focusing on your upcoming contract just before the renewal date. This is where IEC is able to advise clients about the preferential market rates and secure competitive contracts on their behalf.

Having renewal contracts in place early suits many businesses as it removes the uncertainty and allows them to budget more effectively in advance.
For example, one Professional Storage client, will save 27% on gas and 7% on electricity over the next 12 months. A Dairy manufacturer will save 21% on gas and a Food manufacturer will save 16% on gas. A Property Management client will also save 22% on gas and 14% on electricity.

For further information about how we can help you save money on your business energy, please get in touch on 01244 571830.

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