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Extra rewards for energy saving businesses

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has set out how businesses may be able to receive extra financial incentives for reducing the amount of electricity they use. 

The scheme, due to launch as a 24-month pilot in the spring of next year, aims to help reduce demand for energy. 

According to a report in the journal Energy in Buildings and Industry, businessess that demonstrate they have used less energy will receive financial incentives. 

“Government expenditure of at least £20m has been set aside for the scheme, a figure which could rise to be significantly higher depending upon the levels of participation.  The scheme will examine businesses that install measures that save electricity on their premises.  Installation of more efficient motors, air conditioning or lighting would ensure extra financial incentives for the reduced amount of electricity they use.”

The report continued: “According to Mr Davey, this will mean ‘companies’ being paid for saving energy, not wasting it’.”

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