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Caldicot Metal Decorating

Industry Manufacturing

Service Energy efficiency, energy purchasing and invoice validation, Climate Change Levy Agreement (CCA) compliance

Result £57,000 energy saving

About Caldicot Metal Decorating (CMD)

CMD is the largest independent metal decorator in the UK and has been operating from its South Wales site for more than a century.

The company was the first in the UK to introduce four-colour metal decorating and today prints and coats tinplate, tin-free steel and aluminium to customers’ designs.

CMD serves the food packaging and other industries and has built a firm reputation for being able to respond quickly to customer’s requirements with the operation of a Computer to Plate (CTP) facility.

The project brief

IEC was originally appointed by the Carbon Trust to help CMD find ways to reduce energy use. One of the first steps was to introduce metering within every large area of the site. This information was analysed by IEC and the results used to build a picture of where and how energy was being used by CMD.

With the support of an internal Energy Reduction Team, and the backing of senior management, IEC developed and implemented an energy management strategy. Within two years CMD had reduced energy consumption per 1,000 units of production by 40%.

Key programmes have included:

  • introduction of sub-metering and monthly analysis to help CMD understand which production lines use the most energy. This enables CMD to make informed operational decisions on a day-to-day basis
  • improvements to roofing insulation
  • installation of automatic doors to reduce heat loss, replacement of air compressors, improvements to efficiency of ovens employee awareness and engagement to ensure all members of staff play their part.
  • When Carbon Trust funding came to an end, the company had saved a significant sum but recognised that more could be done so decided to continue to work with IEC to reduce energy use further still.

IEC continues to undertake monthly site visits to CMD, working with the Energy Reduction and Senior Management teams to monitor energy use and implement efficiency programmes. In addition, IEC buys CMD’s gas and electricity, validates the invoices and ensures the company meets its targets under the Climate Change Levy Agreement Scheme. This scheme enables CMD to obtain a rebate on the tax element of its energy bills in return for achieving energy reduction targets.

Monthly site visits are undertaken to monitor energy use and ensure energy reduction programmes are delivered.

What the client says:

John Bond, MD at Caldicot Metal Decorating, said:

IEC are methodical and commercial. We had to invest in new equipment in order to reduce our energy use, but Mike and his team undertook detailed analysis to calculate the payback and help us agree the right strategy.

We’ve reduced energy significantly and that has reduced our production cost. We’ve found it important to lead from the top and ensure all members of staff are engaged. Mike has just the right manner with which to get the message across to everyone within the business that they must play their part in reducing energy consumption.

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