Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd
Innovative Energy Consultancy Ltd

KK Fine Foods

Industry Food manufacturing

Service Energy efficiency, energy purchasing, CCL Scheme management

Result £44,000-worth of savings across gas, water and electricity

About KK Fine Foods

KK Fine Foods is an award-winning creator of convenience ready meals to the foodservice, leisure, brewery and convenience sectors.

Founded in 1987 in the kitchen of founder Leyla Edwards, KK Fine Foods now occupies a 75,000-foot specially designed factory in Deeside, North Wales.  The company prides itself on new product and packaging developments and is home to an Innovation Centre where chefs and clients can work together in an inspirational and fast paced environment.

The project brief

IEC began working with KK Fine Foods almost ten years ago.  One of the first major programmes was to successfully apply for the Climate Change Levy agreement, entitling KK Fine Foods to a tax rebate subject to the achievement of energy reduction targets.  The Carbon Trust provided funding to enable KK Fine Foods to work with IEC on a programme to reduce energy consumption.  The cost saving benefits were so clear that KK Find Foods has continued the relationship with IEC, even though the Carbon Trust funding is no longer available.

IEC now supports KK Fine Foods on an ongoing basis to continually reduce energy consumption and achieve the highest possible CCA levy rebate.

Key programmes have included:

  • Identification of KK Fine Food’s eligibility for the CCA levy rebate, along with a successful application and ongoing support to achieve energy reduction targets, allowing the maximum level of rebate
  • A programme of staff education and changes to working practices to reduce the amount of solids entering the waste water system.  This has significantly reduced waste water charges as well as gas and electricity costs
  • Supported the implementation of inverters on all the refrigeration plant to improve the energy performance
  • Energy purchasing to ensure KK Fine Foods achieves the best prices for its energy needs.

What the client says:

Leyla Edwards, Founder of KK Fine Foods, said:

IEC brings a continual focus on energy reduction which helps to remind everyone in the business that they have a day-to-day role to play in reducing our costs.   IEC’s expertise has led to savings that we are unlikely to have identified or implemented ourselves and their approach is sympathetic to the operational challenges we face.

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