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National Grid Accelerating Green Energy Projects

National Grid has announced it is speeding up the connection of up to 20GW of clean energy projects to its electricity transmission and distribution networks in England and Wales.

19 battery energy storage projects will be offered dates to plug in averaging four years earlier than their current agreement.  The new approach removes the need for non-essential engineering works prior to connecting storage.

The accelerated 20GW equates to the capacity of six Hinkely Point C nuclear power stations.

The company said: “Traditionally National Grid carries out network reinforcements before a project plugs in – sometimes adding years to a connection – based on the assumption that batteries could charge at peak times and export when generation is high, exacerbating system peaks and constraints.

Following detailed technical analysis by electricity transmission engineers, National Grid will now offer selected battery projects a transmission connection before network reinforcements are made, on the agreement that the ESO can adjust the battery’s behaviour in certain operating conditions to reduce system impact.

A further tranche of clean energy projects – primarily batteries and hybrids (batteries co-located with wind or solar) – will be offered accelerated transmission connections as part of another phase anticipated in the new year, which could bring forward another 10GW.”

Read more on the National Grid website.

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