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Saving money for small businesses – case study

Gipsy Hill is a young brewery based near Crystal Palace, London, and a good example of how we can help small businesses to reduce cost. 

Most of the energy used in the brewing process relates to heating and chilling, requiring a significant use of gas and electricity as a result of these activities.

Because Gipsy Hill is a small, young company, the negotiation of energy contracts was low on their list of priorities in the early days.

However, like all small, growing businesses, cost management is essential and the team soon realised that they needed help to reduce their energy expenditure.

We visited the premises to learn more about the challenges being faced by Gipsy Hill and then sought cheaper energy contracts through a tender process. 

Gipsy Hill will now realise an annual saving in the region of 43%.

In getting under the skin of energy and water use at Gipsy Hill Brewery it was quickly identified that the company was paying excessive waste water charges. 

Not only will Gipsy Hill realise an ongoing reduction in their water bills, they will also be able to claim a rebate from their water supplier for historical over charges. 

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