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Should Britain invest more in floating wind turbines?

The floating wind turbine is the ‘next frontier for wind power’, according to a BBC report which stated that Scotland is currently the world leader in this technology, with 56% of the world’s capacity.

It’s estimated that if floating wind power is expanded as currently planned, there could be a rise from 57 installed megawatts last year to 4300 megawatts in 2030, with potentially 1900 megawatts located in UK waters.

A report by researchers at Strathclyde University has recommended subsidies and industrial policy support to build Britain’s role in the supply chain for offshore floating wind.

Onshore wind turbines require six metres of concrete for their foundations while offshore, they require heavy duty welding and piles deep into the seabed. Floating wind turbines, on the other hand, allow turbines to generate electricity in water depths where bottom-mounted structures are not feasible. Read the full story.

Meanwhile, E Power Ltd has put forward plans for some of the UK’s tallest onshore wind turbines on a site near Langolm in Scotland. The turbines would be up to 220m (720ft) high.

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