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UK increasingly isolated against a post-2020 renewable energy target

European Union proposals to set new renewable energy targets for 2030 have been backed by the French government. 

The move means the UK is becoming more isolated in arguing against a post-2020 renewable energy target.

According to BusinessGreen, France wants to see the EU set a triple objective for 2030, covering climate, renewables, and efficiency.

MEPs are expected to vote on the proposals later this year. However, member states are divided on whether to retain the current set of three targets covering renewables and energy efficiency, as well as carbon, or focus instead on a single emissions target.

The BusinessGreen report stated that several countries, including the UK, have argued against a 2030 renewable energytarget, arguing that it would be more sensible to set a carbon target and allow the market determine the most cost-effective means of reaching it.

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