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UK must prioritise growth in green industries

The UK must prioritise growth in “green industries” such as energy efficiency and renewable energy, David Cameron said earlier this month. 

Speaking at the low-profile launch of an energy efficiency programme and reported by The Guardian, Mr Cameron said that “to those who say we just can’t afford to prioritise green energy right now, my view is we can’t afford not to”.

The Guardian reported that the Prime Minister said the “green deal” loan scheme launched in January, which has attracted criticism for high interest rates and upfront fees, would cut carbon emissions and bills, and create jobs.


“Make no mistake, we are in a global race and the countries that succeed in that race, the economies in Europe that will prosper are those that are the greenest and the most energy-efficient. Energy consumption is set to grow by a third over the next two decades alone. And in a race for limited resources it is the energy-efficient that will win that race,” he said. He added that “it is the countries that prioritise green energy that will secure the biggest share of jobs and growth.”

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